ā   ī   ū                     ñ   ś                                         
ā   Ā   á   Á   à   À   ă   Ă   ǎ   Ǎ   â      ä   Ä   ā̆   Ā̆   æ   Æ   ç   Ç   č   Č         ē   Ē   é   É   è   È   ê   Ê   ě   Ě   ĕ   Ĕ                     ī   Ī   í   Í   ì   Ì   î   Π  ï   Ï   ĭ   Ĭ   ī̆   Ī̆   ĩ   Ĩ                           Ń   ń               ṇ̄   Ṇ̄   ñ   Ñ   ō   Ō   ó   Ó   ò   Ò   ô   Ô   ǒ   Ǒ   ŏ   Ŏ   ö   Ö   ø   Ø   œ   Œ                  ś   Ś               š   Š   ß               ū   Ū   ú   Ú   ù   Ù   ŭ   Ŭ   ǔ   Ǔ   û   Û   ü   Ü   ū̆   Ū̆         ź   Ź        
since March 30th 1998
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Indian and Buddhist Studies Treatise Data­base (INBUDS) is const­ructed for sear­ching infor­mations and keyw­ords of arti­cles, bo­oks and jou­rnals on Ind­ian stu­dies and Bud­dhist stu­dies mai­nly publ­ished in Ja­pan. Ty­pe wo­rds in the win­dow abo­ve and pre­ss en­ter to sea­rch.


1.  The copy­right of the Indi­an and Buddh­ist Stu­dies Trea­tise Data­base (INBU­DS) is he­ld by the Japa­nese Asso­cia­tion of Indi­an and Buddh­ist Stu­dies 日本印度学仏教学会.
2.  INBU­DS must be us­ed for aca­dem­ic purpo­ses only. Any use of INBU­DS for comme­rcial pur­poses are pr­ohib­ited.
3.  Nei­ther the Japavnese Asso­ciat­ion of Ind­ian and Buddh­ist Stu­dies nor the mak­ers of soft­wares in th­is web site can acc­ept respon­sibili­ty for any erro­rs or omiss­ions that may occur.

Data­base Cen­ter of the Japa­nese Ass­ociat­ion of Ind­ian and Budd­hist Stud­ies
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This data­base has been const­ructed with the sup­port of Grant-in-Aid for Publi­cation Scien­tific Rese­arch Res­ult fr­om Mini­stry of Edu­cation, Sci­ence, Spo­rts and Cul­ture (1989-1997) and Grant-in-Aid for Publi­cation of Sci­entific Res­earch Res­ults fr­om the Jap­an Soc­iety for the Promo­tion of Sci­ence (1998-1999, 2001-2014).