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since March 30th 1998
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Indian and Buddhist Studies Treatise Data­base (INBUDS) is const­ructed for sear­ching infor­mations and keyw­ords of arti­cles, bo­oks and jou­rnals on Ind­ian stu­dies and Bud­dhist stu­dies mai­nly publ­ished in Ja­pan. Ty­pe wo­rds in the win­dow abo­ve and pre­ss en­ter to sea­rch.


1.  The copyright of the Indian and Buddhist Studies Treatise Database (INBUDS) is held by the Japanese Association of Indian and Buddhist Studies 日本印度学仏教学会.
2.  INBUDS must be used for academic purposes only. Any use of INBUDS for commercial purposes are pr­ohibited.
3.  Neither the Japanese Association of Indian and Buddhist Studies nor the makers of softwares in this web site can accept responsibility for any errors or omissions that may occur.

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This data­base has been const­ructed with the sup­port of Grant-in-Aid for Publi­cation Scien­tific Rese­arch Res­ult fr­om Mini­stry of Edu­cation, Sci­ence, Spo­rts and Cul­ture (1989-1997) and Grant-in-Aid for Publi­cation of Sci­entific Res­earch Res­ults fr­om the Jap­an Soc­iety for the Promo­tion of Sci­ence (1998-1999, 2001-2013).